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The following is the information you will love, the information and the opportunities it will provide you. It is so much fun and so easy for you to believe it. For many people it's a dream job! One of the favorite things of many people is going shopping and dining at nice restaurants and if someone is going to pay people to do it -- What could be better than that???

I'm sure you will find secret shopping is something that you will love too.
All you need to have is keen eye, attention to detail, and the ability to be impartial and reliable? Mystery Shopping is for every one!
If you are curious about what mystery shopping is and how you can get started, then you are in the right place! You'll find answers to your questions here. You will also be able to apply for positions online.
This is not the only website which provides the websites and details of the mystery shopping but for sure this is the only website which is providing the details for free of cost. You don't require membership and membership fee.
I know right now there are many questions going in your head. And the first question I guess will be:
Do you actually get paid for shopping? YES !!!
Who knows? You might get your first assignment in a few days.
Ok now let me explain everything step by step and make it clear what the whole story is about. The first thing:
What exactly is a mystery shopper?
A mystery shopper acts like an undercover agent. You might accept assignments for different kinds of shopping like restaurants, grocery stores, automobile dealers, retail stores, or amusement parks. Just about any type of business you can think of could benefit from the services of a mystery shopper.
You receive a specific assignment for your shop. For example, you may be asked to describe the parking facilities, cleanliness, friendliness of staff, and your wait time at a restaurant.
Another important thing is that you must always work undetected. The staff should not suspect that you are an evaluator or they would treat you differently. Your job is not to spy on employees, or try to find things wrong or right. Your job is simply to follow the script that comes with your assignment and provide an impartial evaluation.

You are the link that keeps the Corporate Headquarters informed and they need you to maintain yourself in a professional manner. For a business to be successful, they must maintain customer satisfaction. They can better please the customer if they understand how the customer is being treated and if their product is being sold as they intended.

You will have the benefit of working around your schedule, which can be beneficial for a housewife, mother or part time worker. Some places may want you to go to their establishment only during certain hours, i.e. happy hour, early bird specials, moonlight madness sales, etc. You may be able to request certain hours of the day that are best for you, such as early mornings for mom's with small children in preschool or late afternoons-early evenings for those who already hold down a part time job.
The second thing: ... How do I get started?
There are many companies that hire Mystery Shoppers ... you will be surprised at the number of companies listed in the website which will provide mystery shopper jobs.
You can apply online to around 100 companies. You will find the application page link at the end of this page. If you are interested in finding a local mystery shopping firm to work for go to your library or telephone book and look for local Marketing Research companies and submit a resume. Although, you will find the online companies much easier and convenient.
Mystery shopping is big business, so don't limit yourself by applying only to
companies that are physically located near you. Remember, most mystery shopping companies are nationwide. Their clients and stores are nationwide. Just because a company has its offices in New York does not mean you can not work for them because you live in Texas. These Mystery Shopping companies contract with retail and restaurant chains. These chains are located Nationwide, therefore they need shoppers nationwide.
Never feel pressured into a job. It will not be held against you if you are unable or unwilling to take a particular assignment. Some things will just not appeal to you. Just recently I declined an assignment at an automobile dealership because test driving a car and discussing prices was involved and I felt very uncomfortable with that. Sometimes the job will just not fit into your schedule. If that happens to you, just be honest with the company right away. If you are sent an assignment and do not wish to complete it or can't fit in into your schedule, make sure you decline it right away. This allows the company to find someone else. Companies do not care if you decline assignments as long as you do it promptly. If you do not decline promptly you will probably not be sent many assignments after that. All it takes is a quick email saying you can not complete this assignment.
You have got your first assignment and what should you do now??

Most of the Mystery Shopping Services are being operated almost entirely over the internet now a day. You will most likely receive notice via email. It is always important to apply with an email address you use often as you may need to respond within 24 to 48 hours to be accepted for an assignment. You may also be notified through fax or phone by some companies but may not be all.
You will always be given the particulars of the assignment and have the chance to accept or decline.
If you accept, you will download or receive via mail or fax, the scenario that is to be
used for your evaluation.
For example, you may be asked to go to a grocery store and ask the deli worker for help
locating an item, you may be asked to purchase alcohol and report if the clerk asked for
ID,or you may be asked to evaluate service in a restaurant.
You will be given a form with specific instructions before you shop. You will be
told who to speak to and all areas that are to be included in your evaluation.
Your instructions may include: Looking at the displays to see if they are kept neat and well put together. Asking the sales clerk for information about a certain item, and how they could assist you in getting a certain size not readily available. They may ask you to try on several items and check the dressing rooms for neatness.
Does the sales clerk offer to assist you with additional sizes? Are the shelves well stocked and neat in appearance? Was the sales clerk helpful? They will want you to actually purchase something they suggest or of your choice and will want you to observe the actual transaction and note how easily or difficult it was performed.
They may also ask you to question the sales clerk on several different items. What was his/her response? They may ask you to visit the restrooms and make sure they are clean and well stocked. Use a public telephone and comment on its accessibility.
Study your scenario before you begin the shop, because you can't take your notes with you. Remember you must remain undetected! Do your best to remember names and pertinent details, and as soon as you get to your car you can quickly jot down important notes.
What will happen after you finish your assignment??
You will have been given a deadline. Usually you have to have your report filed
within 24 to 48 hours. Be punctual! This could determine whether you will get any future assignments with this company. Most likely you will be able to file your report online or fax it in. Simply follow the instructions you were given.
It is very important that you be as accurate as possible, giving only the facts requested.
If your assignment was to evaluate cleanliness at an establishment, don't make comments
about the staff either good or bad. Don't interject personal thoughts of your experience unless asked.

Apply to as many companies as you like. That way you can pick and choose assignments that you like. If you have 10 offers one week you might only like or be able to perform 5 to 6. If you only work for one or two companies it will be much harder to be as picky about assignments or find ones that pay enough or are at stores or locations you prefer.
The most important point to be considered is to make sure that you have your receipt which is for reimbursement. It also the proof that you were really shopping and examined the products or services.

http://www.ishopforyou.com/ Chicago Area
At Your Service Marketing http://aysm.com/jobs_pl.htm Texas and surrounding states
ACRA, inc web site: http://www.secretshopacra.com/ USA and Canadaa lot of restaurant jobs
Audits and Surveys World wide http://cybershoppers.surveys.com/shopper1.htm USA and Canada
Alcops company information: http://www.alcops.com/alcops/mystshop.html application: http://www.alcops.com/alcops/employ.html Regular shopping and Movie Theaters
Apartment Shopper web site: http://www.apartmentmysteryshopper.com/application: http://www.apartmentmysteryshopper.com/shopperform.php mystery shopping for apartment complexes
A Step Above web site: http://www.serviceevaluations.com/application: http://www.serviceevaluations.com/application.asp
A Closer Look web site: http://www.a-closer-look.com/ACL/index.htmlapplication: http://www.a-closer-look.com/shopperapplication.asp reimbursement only, but large reimbursments - resturants and hotels
A Top Shop web site: http://www.atopshop.com/application: http://www.atopshop.com/entry.htm
ABA Quality Monitoring http://www.aba.co.uk/Shopper.html Shopping in the UK
Amusement Advantage http://members.aol.com/AmusmntAdv/ Evaluations of theme parks nationwide Pays in admission tickets
Bai Evaluators .http://www.baievaluators.com/ Restaurant, Hotel, Airport, Health & Fitness and Retail Shop Opportunities
Beyond Hello http://www.beyondhello.com/
Best Mark http://www.bestmark.com/ Nationwide
BMA Mystery Shopping Services http://www.mystery-shopping.com/
Byers Choice web site: http://www.byerschoiceinc.com/application: http://www.byerschoiceinc.com/shopper_app.html
Business Research Lab http://www.busreslab.com/tips/tip20.htm
Business Evaluation Services http://www.mysteryshopperservices.com/ Nationwide
Business Insights website: http://www.businessinsights.com/application: http://www.businessinsights.com/mystC.htm
Campbell Edgar, Inc http://www.retailmysteryshoppers.com/mystery.html USA and Canada
Campus Consulting web site: http://www.shopaudits.com//application: http://www.shopaudits.com/ASP/shoppersignup.asp USA and Canada
Captain D's web site: http://www.captainds.com/application: http://www.captainds.com/shoppers.htm find where Captain D's are located -http://www.captainds.com/wtf.htm This is a seafood restaurant franchise - some states will not have this restaurantnt
Check Mark http://www.checkmarkinc.com/ Nationwide
Check-upMarketing web site: http://www.checkupmarketing.com/main.htmlapplication: http://www.checkupmarketing.com/become.html
Consumer Connection http://www.consumerconnection.net/ USA and Canada
Customer 1st web site: http://www.customer-1st.com/application:http://www.customer-1st.com/shopper_app.html
Customer Perspective http://www.customerperspectives.com/index.html USA, Canada,Puerto Rico
Customer Service Perceptions web site: http://www.csperceptions.com/application: http://www.csperceptions.com/shopper/register.asp
Cyber Shop web site: http://cybershoppers.surveys.com/application: https://cybershoppers.surveys.com/CyberShopSecure/usapplication/ms1.html USA and Canada
Courtesy Counts http://www.courtesycounts.com/
Count on Us web site: http://www.ucountonus.com/application: http://www.ucountonus.com/services/mysteryShopper/application.asp Clients include banks, restaurants, hotels/motels, retail stores and supermarkets
The Corporate Research Group http://www.thecrg.com/ Canada
Cirrus Marketing http://www.cirrusmktg.com/
A Closer Look http://www.a-closer-look.com/
ICC/Decision Services http://www.iccds.com/ This one is an Excellent company to work for! Nationwide, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
Customer First http://www.triadweb.com/customer
Confero web site: http://www.conferoinc.com/application: http://www.conferoinc.com/conferoinc/shoppers/Application.asp USA
DSG Associates web site: http://www.dsgstars.com/index.htmlapplication: http://www.dsgstars.com/dsa/dsa.asp
Ellis Property Management Services (EPMS) web site: http://www.epmsonline.com/shoppers.htmlapplication: http://www.epmsonline.com/shopperapp.html Mystery shopping for apartments only
Employee Evaluators web site: http://www.mysteryshops.com/application: http://www.mysteryshops.com/BAShpr.asp
Eye On Retail web site: http://www.eyeonretail.com/applications: http://www.shopper.eyeonretail.com/eorresume/newuser.asp Canada
Feedback Plus http://www.gofeedback.com/ Nationwide mystery shopping assignments
Focus on Service http://www.focusonservice.com/ This one is an Excellent company to work for! restaurant mystery shopping in many cities nationwide Bertucci's, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, Longhorn Steakhouse, New England On The Borders, and New England Chili's restaurant
Genesis Group http://www.genesisgrp.com/ Nationwide
Golden Resources Marketing Group http://hometown.aol.com/cgr315/index.html a variety of assignments nationwide.
Green and Associates http://www.greenandassociates.com/ Nationwide
Hindsight http://www.hndsight.com/ nationwide
Investigative Marketing http://www.investigativemarketing.com/Mystery.html Nationwide
Infotelinc web site: http://www.infotelinc.com/application: http://www.infotelinc.com/mys_app.htm
Instant Reply web site: http://www.mysteryshopservices.com/application:http://www.mysteryshopservices.com/Shoppers/shoppers.htm
IntelliShop web site: http://www.intelli-shop.com/application:
Jack In The Box application: http://www.jacksguest.com/signmeup.shtml Jack in the Box resturants only- Not in some states
Jancyn http://www.jancyn.com/ Many assignments nationwide and Canada
JKS Inc company web site: http://www.jks-inc.com/application - http://www.jks-inc.com/apply.html Nationwide
Ken-Rich Retail Group web site: http://www.ken-rich.com/ application: http://www.ken-rich.com/employme.htm
Mercantile Systems http://www.mercsurveys.com/
Mystery Shopper USA http://www.bmiltd.com/ Nationwide and Canada
Marketing Systems Unlimited http://www.msultd.com/ Seeking full time shoppers only
Mystery Shoppers, Inc http://www.mysteryshoppersinc.com/
Mars Surveys http://www.marsresearch.com/index1.html
Mystery Shopper, USA http://www.bmiltd.com/ Nationwide
Mystery Shoppers http://www.weneed.com/
Metro Park Mystery Shopper http://www.metropark.com/nggroup/
Mystery Shoppers http://www.mystery-shoppers.com/ Nationwide
Mike's Mystery Shopper Service http://www.angelfire.com/pa/mystershopper/ Mystery Shopping in Central Florida
Merc Services web site: http://www.mercsurveys.com/application: http://www.mercsurveys.com/app.asp Golf, dining, entertainment, and hotel/motel
Mystery Guest web site: http://www.mysteryguestinc.com/application: https://www.mysteryguestinc.com/Contact.asp?Action=Detail USA-Red Lobster Restaurant, Olive Garden Restaurant, Bahama Breeze Restaurant, China Coast Restaurant, Smokey Bones Restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory
Metropark Mystery Shopping web site: http://www.metropark.com/nggroup/application: http://www.metropark.com/nggroup/#jobs
Nationwide Integrity web site:http://www.nationwideintegrity.com// application: http://www.nationwideintegrity.com/step1.htm USA
National Shopping Service company web site: http://www.nssmysteryshoppers.com/application: http://www.nssmysteryshoppers.com/jobboard/state.asp US, Canada, Europe
different than company above, same nameNational ShoppingService web site: http://www.mysteryshopper.net//application: http://www.mysteryshopper.net/employment/register.htm see where they need shoppers-choose by state: http://www.mysteryshopper.net/employment/employment.htm USA andCanada
Pacific Research Group web site: http://www.pacificresearchgroup.com/application: USA Company hires phone based mystery shoppers also
Person to Person Quality http://www.persontopersonquality.com/ National
The Performance Edge web site: http://www.pedge.com/application: http://www.pedge.com/scripts/agreement_(1).htm USA
Pinkerton Field Research Services web site: http://www.pktnshop.com/application: http://www.pktnshop.com/newshopper/IndepContract.asp USA and Canada
Pulse Back http://www.pulseback.com/evaluators.htm clients such as - Mc Donald's, Fuddruckers, The GAP, Planet Hollywood, Banana Republic, Chart House, and many more
Professional Review & Operational Shoppers, Inc http://www.proreview.com/
Quality Marketing http://www.quality-marketing.com/shoppers/index.html Nationwide
Quest for Best Mystery Shoppers http://www.questforbest.com/ Nationwide
Quality Assurance Consultants http://www.qacinc.com/ Eastern states
Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers web site: http://www.qams.com/application: http://www.qams.com/sresources.php3 USA

Restaurant Shops On-line http://www.ranw.com/Palmer/palmer_and_palmer.htm Nationwide
Retail Service Evaluations http://www.retailserviceevaluations.com/ Needs shoppers throughout the US
Retail Biz Consulting http://www.retailbiz.com/mars.html US and Canada
Rapid Check web site: http://www.rapidchek.com// application: http://www.rapidchek.com/signmeup/signup.asp USA and Canada Mystery Shopping and Movie Evaluations
Service Probe http://www.pwgroup.com/sprobe/ Mainly Southern States
Spot Checks http://www.spotchecks.com/
Service Quest http://www.service-quality.com// World wide
Service Perceptions http://www.serviceperceptions.com/ Nationwide
Second to None http://www.second-to-none.com/servFirst.htm Nationwide
Service Research, Inc http://www.gosri.com/
SG Marketing Group http://www.sgmarketing.com/

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